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    March 21, 2013
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[applause] >> anderson: welcome back. i think we have photos of you zombiefied. wow. >> i think we look high. >> anderson: that is a cool look, i like it. thank you for co-hosting today. >> thank you you are the best. >> anderson: watch them on "snooki & jwoww" on mtv. see you tomorrow with fran drescher and marilu henner. bye-bye.
trouble for two bay area city council members. ktvu just talked to the person making the allegations. why people in a community are cheering this scene from this morning. the reason there are special police patrols on a local high school campus at noon.
complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
>> the information that she provided has made a match. >> okay. >> okay. >> a bay area city council member's quick response to news she and a klieg may colleague may be in legal trouble. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. they are facing that. tara moriarty talked with the auditor about the interference in a bidding process for a construction project. good afternoon. >> reporter: some pretty big fireworks here this morning all over this, it is an auditor's report which says shows two council members crossed the line and mis-used their power in office. the most telling pages are on 16 and 17. the auditor says the parts in red show where council members desly brooks and larry ride interfered with a construction contracting process by either hiring workers or buying supplies. it outlines the bidding process in a 2 million dollar construction contract for the
army base. courtney ruby said her probe found a total of 14 instances of city charter violations, a dozen of them by councilwoman brooks and one by reid. >> at no point in time may we ever jiff that justify to break the law, this is the city charter and we sign on to upheld this when we take our oath. >> we caught up with them, who denied the allegations and questioned her motives. >> what was the view from our office. time will tell, but the information that she has provided is that. >> okay. >> okay. >> her whole focus is just on the two african american members of the -- of the council. >> we got to make change. >> reid would not say he was targeted because of his race, he did say it was coincidental and interesting only he and brooks were named in this report. ruby also found that brooks interfered with city workers in
her efforts to get two teen centers built, one was the rainbow teen center, the other the rec center blocks away in oakland. reid was only kreutzed for contract interference and his aid was found to have pressured parking officials into waving her parking tickets. ruby said the findings were so serious she turned this information over to the alameda county district attorney's office. we called them. they have not had a chance to review the documents, we did however get a statement from the mayor's office saying this confirms and validates concerns jean kwan had to make sure they worked to insurance the contract process was transparent and fair. now, if they are convicted brooks and reid could lose their jobs. we will have to wait and see what the d.a. decides in this case. we will have more on this story on ktvu news at 5:00. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
news. >> the bicyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in san francisco entered a not guilty plea this morning. our camera was there as chris buckere walked into court charged with manslaughter. prosecutors say he ran a red light and hit a 71 year old man. a defense attorney claims he entered the intersection before the light changed. he is due back in court court next month for a hearing. the woman accused of kicking a toddler pleaded not guilty she is charged with kicking her in the chest and knocking her down, the injuries were not life-threatening and she is also charged with threatening to kill other children there. her next appearance is then. they are in the hospital in serious condition after they were hit by a truck last night
at the intersection there in san francisco. investigators are looking into whether heavy fog and low visibility played a roll in the accident. the couple was crossing the street in a crosswalk when they were hit. people who live in the area say that intersection is dangerous. >> i am really worried about this intersection right here because i go over here every day to get my coffee across that intersection, i am afraid everybody is trying to get through the light. i am afraid i am going to get hit right here. >> police say both pedestrians and the driver of the vehicle claimed to have had the right- of-way at the time of the accident. six people, including 4 children were rushed to a hospital afternoon a multi vehicle crash last night in oakland. it happened on 94th avenue and international boulevard. the highway patrol says a speeding driver who ran a red light appears to be at fault. a mother and her 4 children were in one of the cars, investigators say none of the injuries is life-threatening. a house is being demolished
in richmond today and many of its neighbors could not be happen er, sal castaneda join us live from the location there to explain why this home is being torn down and who is paying for it. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon tori, as you can see they are still doing work here and picking up pieces of what is left of this house. soon this will by just and empty lot. neighbors and city officials told us they have been waiting for this house to be torn down for a long time. >> we had to determine who owned it. the lien holder, then have to go to court to try to get them to approve a warrant and a long process we worked closely with them. >> they say it was an eyesore and had been abandoned for years, they say it was a magnet for dumping, drug dealing and
squatting. >> it sustained three fires so really an attractive nuisance that needed to be taken care of. officials say since the owner refused to do anything about it it obtained a court order to have it demolished. wells fargo the, lien holder agreed to pay for it. she lives across the street. she told us she is happy it is gone. [ speaking foreign language [ [speaking foreign language] >> many talked about that there. >> many talked about that to do that for that. >> whatever weigh have we have to try to keep it as nice as possible, we have nice neighbors you know and we need a nice neighborhood. why can't we have a nice neighborhood? just because you are poor you don't get to have a nice neighborhood. >> the crews will by here throughout most of the day then they are going to put a fence around the property, some worry this will still be a haven for
illegal dumb pers, but most after one says it had to go. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you, sal. san jose police are looking for a teenager in connection with two bold robberies. the robberies happened last night blocks away from each other in the area of 19th and san antonio streets. investigators say the teen used a pocket pocketknife to rob two min, one victim was slashed, the other hit in the head, both rushed to the hospital but not seriously hurt. a baseball coach from arinda is wanted by police, joel kaufman is facing six counts of molestation, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. he is accused of molesting one boy and filming another, prosecutors say he coached baseball building there and ran a traveling baseball club for teens. they say it is possible there are more victims. police officers in san
mateo are on the campus of the high school today and will be there all day after a message threatening the school and its students was discovered on facebook. paul chambers explains how they responded in this report. >> reporter: as classes started at the high school there students and staff were greeted by police officers and school security after a threatening message was found on wednesday. >> it was reported by a student that there was going to be an incident potentially today on campus. >> school officials immediately contacted police. who say the threat was a rambling message on an anonymous facebook page. they met with school officials about a security plan which would have uniformed officers and plain clothed detectives patrolling in and around the campus. >> providing increased security and safety out here to make sure everyone here feels safe. >> because this is an active investigation they would not say what is contained in the post but did say it was made to
those on the campus, police and school officials say they can't do this alone and hope parents step up and take control. >> parents need to pay attention to their students and what they are doing with social media and take an active part in helping us to make them understand there is consequences for these activities. >> we can arrest them for charges such as criminal threats or making death threats and there is additional charges that also have to do with the school. >> officers will be out here on campus all day long and into the future until the source of that threat is found. in san mateo, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> three schools will be closed this summer even after they cut ties with their founder. auditors found evidence ben chavez funneled nearly million dollars in school spending to businesses he owned. parents and students of the three american indian charter schools pointed out they have some of the highest test scores in the district and they begged to keep the schools open.
but the board rejected their requests. >> that is them, a low step. >> he takes his message of middle east peace directly to the people telling them in hebrew they are not alone. it is the first full day of spring, in a couple of minutes a look ahead for the weather for the rest of the week. >> -- next 365 days, we will tell you what that was coming up. [ cheers ] if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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firefighters say a space heater may have sparked a fire there in san jose. it broke out at 4:30 this morning at a trailer in the manor mobile home park and knocked down later. no one was inside the mobile home. president obama is continuing his 4 day trip to the mid-east with a visit to the west bank today to focus on restarting stalled peace talks. he met with the palestinian president and later spoke at a joint news conference. mr.obama said the palestinians deserve an independent state and said they have an obligation to work for peace. >> i have returned to the west bank because the united states is deeply committed to the creation of an independent and
sovereign state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation and the daily indignities that come with it. >> one sticking point to the peace process is the continued building of israeli settlements in the west bank. mr.obama says he told the israeli prime minister the settlements do not advance the cause of peace but he did not say as he has in the past that those settlements must be stopped. the president also spoke to college students in jerusalem, stressing that israel must make peace with the palestinians. >> the only way for israel to endure and thrive as a jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable palestinian, that is true. >> the president met yesterday with israeli prime minister and israeli president. a public meeting will be held in san francisco today to
consider drastic changes at the national park, they would remove them, those would be tournament out and rafting rentals on the river would end. the changes come in response to years of lawsuits demanding the popular park be restored to its natural setting. the public meeting will be from 5:00 to 8:00 at fort mason, room c-370. it could soon be illegal to light up in palo alto's smaller parks, the committee is recommending the city ban smoking in parks less than 5 acres, that could cover 22 of the city's 38 parks. there willly will be at least two meetings on it before it goes to the full city council. the city of san francisco has come up with a plan plan
to deal with chronic public drunkenness, they would be arrested and thrown in jail and given a choice. they launched a similar program that recognized them as those who get 5 in a month, the san francisco program could begin in may. a commercial beekeeper in the central valley is feeling the sting of thieves, someone stole 80 of his beehives from an almond orchard there. it is tough to get intos because of a shortage and losing hives to thieves is common because they are left unattended in remote areas but he says this theft required a forklift and a flatbed truck. >> when they steal entire truckloads of bees it is a real set back. >> cox will not get the 13,000 dollars from the almond grower, add in the value of new hives and he is out 50,000 dollars, he says these kinds of crimes are becoming more common. dozens of people camped out
overnight in the south bay for a chance to receive free bread every day for a year from a san francisco institution. they just opened a new bakery on stephens creek boulevard this morning and as janine de la vega reports the free bread is a huge draw for people feeding large families. >> reporter: 100 people shivered in the cold at this cupertino shopping stir, some camped out overnight so they could get free bread every day for a year from there. >> i am knocked out for hours, completely covered because it got cold then. >> this woman drove from there for that, it is the third time she showed up to get this tin that contains coupons for 365 braids. >> it helps so much because i have that and they are that so it does that. >> they are being baked there, the secret.
>> we run out of these we close the doors, you cannot run out of these. >> he is not joking they held back to this doe dating back to 1849, a part of that is added to that then that is added so it will. >> every day the process is you have to hold some back, for 164 years we never lost it. not even on the 06 earthquake. >> this is his second silicon valley location, south bay residents waited for the doors to open, they even brought in a zoomba ininstructer to get the crowd moving. at 9:00 a.m. they were welcomed in and that. >> i did that, i got to tell you that was that and that feels good. >> -- that is worth cheering about for these people. reporting from cupertino, janine de la vega, a ktvu channel 2 news. >> you may have noticed the
lagoon looks fuller, that is because it is time for the water increase, officials for the public works department has been adding water to it to get it ready for the summer recreation season, those are popular there. the water level is adjusted seasonably to minimize bacteria growth, control nut ept concentrations and reduce the cost of pump maintenance and operations. >> good afternoon, everybody, well, some very cold lows this morning, lots of 30s, sunny to mostly sunny today, patchy low clouds persistent parts of the peninsula and south bay earlier but overall sunny, a northwest breeze, temperatures today will come up just a little bit. in fact 2, 3, 4 degrees. if we get that it will be warmer but carry that into tomorrow. yesterday's system is gone. you can see everything going down the coast. that is what will wipe out the low clouds and also settle in cool temperatures. i think we will see cold temperatures tonight into
tomorrow as well but sunny, breezy, conditions are good visibility and dry, patchy low clouds giving way to sunshine today. 60s or 50s. these are about average for this time of year. generally 62 to 68, so right in there. except by the coast, where it is slightly cooler. with upper 50s. overall lots of sunshine today. warmer, less of a breeze on friday, saturday, mostly sunny on sunday. cooler on monday. >> today marks a historic anniversary for alcatraz, the island in the san francisco bay once known as the rock. 50 years ago today the federal government shut down alcatraz prison, it was america's top maximum security prison for nearly 30 years and held such inmates as al capone, machine gun kelly and the bird man of alcatraz and now one of the most popular tourist attractions. read and see more about it on we also created the slide show
of photos from the rock. march madness is underway on basketball courts all around the country. st. marys is playing memphis, they are trailing. there are different school banners floating around the pavilion as games get underway, cal is one of the teams in the round of 64. they are set to tip off in san jose against unlv then. we checked with them and it says the gales there are all sold out. if you live on the peninsula you will have a chance today to see the world series trophy. the giants championship trophy tour stops at the san mateo city hall between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. both the 2010 and 2012 championship trophies will be on display and in case you are wondering the giants open the new season against the dodgers in los angeles on april first, the first home game is friday, and 5th, against the st. louis
cardinals. the bay area company behind today's sell off on wall street and a major drugstore chain causing controversy because of something it has asked its employees to do.
technology and commodity stocks are leaving wall street lower after oracles sharp miss on that and those prices are falling concerned on that, stock there is down 9%, a live
look at the big board, the dow down 67, the nasdaq down 27, s&p down 10. the labor department's latest jobless claims report indicates the slow but todayy improvement in the job market continues. 336,000 americans filed for that then, that is up from then but it is fewer than they forecast and still near a 5 year low. employees at one of the nation's biggest drugstore chains must disclose their weights or pay more for health insurance. they say employees must report health information including weight to its insurance carrier our pay an extra 50 dollars a month for that.
>> reporter: the million dollar fund, he is the inventor of the blackberry, the fund dubbed quantum valley investments aims to do that. they report one has signed up with the fund and the first products may be out in the next two or three years. the legality of their marriage rests in the highest court in the land. tonight this couple tells us what they hope the supreme court will hear as they prepare to fight for their right for marry as that. thanks for trusting us for that, we are always here on that and that. have a great day. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.